Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is this thing still on?

Man, oh man, it's been a while. I supposed I could click on my blog to actually figure out how long it's been since my last post, or where on earth I left off, but that would take a lot of effort. I think. And I don't really care to explain each meal I've eaten, or tell you how many times I've tried to quit swearing since then, so I say, "Carry on!"

I've gotten really good at not doing the things I actually want to be doing. Like, blogging. I mean, I hate blogging, but I like writing enough, and I like reading about my own family enough, and apparently I'm self centered enough, that this whole blogging gig should get a lot more stage time. But, you know, Gilmore Girls came on Netflix, and I became crazed-obsessed about finishing it. And well, you should know that Tay Tay is nothing, if not an over-achiever; so, I decided to stop showering, eating, and/or sleeping, in order to achieve my lofty goals.

Now that that's out of the way, I suppose I can get back to my other goals in life, like writing about myself.

Lofty goals. High achiever. Self centered.

Really, when I blog, I see myself and my kids (who are still in that whole needing-to-be-raised stage) sitting out on the porch of a wood cabin, some 20 odd years from now, reading this stuff and laughing about it. I really try to focus on that whole concept, and less on the whole annoying part about writing in cyber space and people getting pissed off because you didn't use the right comma, or you write a crass phrase like "pissed off", and you wrote about someone getting mad about someone getting mad about someone getting mad....

I don't know.

So me. This blog is going to be about me. I promise to offend, and show no propriety. It comes naturally to me. But I really just hope I write more, and watch less than acceptable television...less.

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