Monday, September 24, 2012

Opposites attract.

My boys basically won the genetic jack pot: super intelligence, less-than-average stature, shocking good looks, love magnets to the entire human population, with shoddy immune-slash-respiratory-systems. Lucky!! This time of the year, without fail, their eyes get hazy, and their chests get heavier. And this process just drags on and on and on. It's lovely. Tons of fun! Come over! 

So, I finally decided to trudge into the Dr. office with my brood in fairly sad shape. Considering I'm the adult in this get-up, I was ready to wave my white flag; a girl can only handle so much wheezing from her mini-men-folk.

Turns out, the drugs used to kick the asthma attacks out of the park, weren't doing the job because the little boyzzzz were clogged up with unrelenting ear infections, and one equally awesome sinus infection per child. Bam! Mother of the Year award!!! I immediately started fumbling my purse, searching for a pen and paper to write my acceptance speech. Job. Well. Done. To me.

But here's the fun part: The Dr. also told me, with a very serious tone of voice, that I need to "watch Hugh very closely all his life, because he has a very high pain threshold." And I actually laughed out load,  which did not impress the doctor. He was meaning business. It's just that, well, Hugh has always been a freak of nature. We know this. He's that kid in our family. J has problems with absolutely needing things to be in order, and clean and controlled and just-so. Germs sincerely frighten him. As in....he will freak out if you leave the toilet seat down because there is justnowayinhell he is capable of lifting the seat himself----THE GERMS!!!! THE GERMS!! and he will always (ALWAYS!) wash his hands at least 7 billion times after he possibly things there could be any chance of contamination. Are you getting this? That's J. And Hugh? Well. He's not. Hugh is is always in a constant state of disaster. He is messy, and filthy, and gross, and brave, and so so freakishly super tough.

So, while the Dr. made that claim considering the severity of his ear infection with absolutely no indication of pain what so ever, I have also come to that conclusions years ago through daily activities that include him leaping off the top of J's loft bed onto the floor and laughing, falling down our flight of stairs and just standing up like it was no big deal, and other completely irrational and frightening, very normal occurrences of him leaping, jumping, throwing, diving or flipping off various objects and landing on his head without making any notion of it effecting him. WHEW! That was one long run-on sentence. Made me super tired.

Yes. Hugh has a very high pain threshold, and patience for all things scary and dangerous and gross. And he is the biggest blessing slash worst nightmare for his poor clean, particular, orderly brother.

God must have thought that was pretty funny to send them together.


I don't know why this randon post about nothing, was never posted. But I really liked the pictures of the boys, so I'm pushin' publish.
I do what I want.


  1. I love your boys. You make being a mom of boys look so cool. I hope to have a boy of my own someday.

  2. yay you blog i had no idea! im now following you :) love you all!