Friday, September 21, 2012

My favorite thing to do.

We spoke in church on Sunday.

You know how that always goes? The itchy, sweaty, shaky? Oh. Maybe that's just me. But sitting on the back row (Oh no, I wasn't about to sit up on the stand to await my impending doom, looking into the eyes of the humans that were ready to witness death-by-public-speaking), waiting for the youth speaker to finish his whole 5-second long talk, made me want to jump up and down and throw a tantrum.

What IS that??

I am not 2. Or even 12 for that matter.Why should this be Oy.

And I'm not even shy. At all. I never have been. Ever. But, whatever. Ask me to speak in church, and I feel like you are asking me to saw off my own appendage.

If you're wondering, I survived.

And I'm sure, per my usual self-evaluated performance, that I got across about 4% of the intended content. Sigh.

Oh, and that Chris guy? He took a whole five seconds to "gather some info" on the topic, and then just winged it. No notes. He says he likes to "follow the spirit" and "speak from the heart" or some other sort of made up method. I mean, who DOES that?? Following the spirit as you speak to a church congregation? Who does he think he is? A Mormon?

Show Off.


  1. Oh man... I'm glad that you made it through! We get to do it in three weeks. Crap.

  2. Ah! This is me and the hubs!! It drives me mad! how can they do that?????