Welcome to this here blog.

It's really a smorgasbord of all sorts of stuff. I'm not crafty, and I don't enjoy making awesome things. I wear makeup like I'm a confused twelve year old, and haven't used a blow dryer for probably seven years. But I like to type up stories about my family, find adventures with our wolf pack and baby bird, and have crazy dance parties. Guys. I just want to dance. 

More often than not, I'm fairly certain my kids are convinced that I've lost my mind.

I love Mother Ocean, and copious amounts of sugar.

And feelings. I have a lot of feelings.

I write about my babe of a husband and the life we have created: the grief of losing a child, infertility, adoption, foster care, and the joy we find in this messy life, while figuring out how to become a family of vagabonds, traveling around the world. I also work in the human-loving-field of Social Work, trying to create programs for orphans around the world---starting in Central America.

I have never gotten a handle on propriety and I don't take myself too seriously. So if you find yourself rolling your eyes at my antics, know that you're probably right on track. Turns out, I don't really don't know what I'm doing. But this life is a good one. I mean, right now one of my kids is kicking the football to his brother who is downstairs, by way of the upstairs loft. I hear lots of cheering and yelling. The other two are making dinner. But they are three and one, so I mean, I probably better go.

Thanks for stopping by.