We met. 
He was in flight school, working at a surf camp.
I was in College, working as a nanny.

We were kids.
He asked me to marry him eight days later.

We sealed the deal seven months later.

Moved to Utah.
He was finishing up flight school.
I was unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant.

Started infertility treatments after three miscarriages.

Moved to San Diego.
We directed Surf camps all summer.

Moved to Hawaii.
He was working on his Bachelors.
I miraculously found out we were pregnant with our first son.

He graduated.
I had two more miscarriages.
And one more miracle baby boy.

Moved to Orange County.
He started his Masters program.

I had another miscarriage, then an ectopic pregnancy.
Then got pregnant with another healthy baby.
Our precious boy was born premature and passed away.
...this was a hard. hard. time.

Told we could never get pregnant again.
Decided to adopt.
Two failed placements and broken hearts.
And our baby boy finally found us. 

Chris finally graduated.

Moved to Hawaii.
He worked.
I went to school.

Got pregnant.
We were asked to abort to save my life.
Told the baby would never survive, but would certainly take mine with it.
And started the longest, soul searching nine months of our lives.
...this was a hard. hard. time.

I fought to stay alive.
It took a village. 

And she was born.

I finally graduated.

Moved to North Carolina.
Chris started a dream job.
We realized our dreams...

Chris began consulting.
I began orphanage project.

Started Foster-Adopt process.
Started planning to move abroad.